Artist From Matanzas, Cuba

The Gallery Is Now Closed.

 Art is still available in the Atlanta Area. 


04.01.2018 to 06.30.2018

Pop Up Art Gallery at The Peach

Cuban Art Gallery moves into The Peach Shopping Center


ATLANTA, GA, April 5, 2018—The Vázquez Cuba Art Gallery joins the shops at The Peach Shopping Center, 2900 Peachtree Road, Suite 207 and features original paintings of Cuban artist, Juan Manuel “Vázquez” Iglesias.  The gallery is owned and operated by Atlanta resident and artist nephew, Guillermo Santana.  Santana has been a collector of Vázquez art work for the past 15 years and has been promoting his artwork since 2016.  The gallery will be open at this location until June 30, 2018.


A native of Matanzas, Cuba, Vázquez was educated at the National Academy School of Art (Cubanacán) with a degree in Fine Arts. He later obtained a degree as an Art Educator from the Pedagogical Institute of Higher Education Juan Marinello in Matanzas, Cuba (1987).   He is a member of the National Association of Cuban Artists (UNEAC) as well as Co-Founder of ACAA (Cuban Association Artist-Artisans of Cuba.)


Vázquez continues to live in Cuba and his paintings are imported to the United States by his nephew, Guillermo Santana.  Santana has brought these canvases by hand to the United States, for his solo exhibits and cultural events, and has had them stretched (and often framed) in Atlanta.  “Vázquez’s paintings are in the homes of prominent art collectors around the world but this is the first time his work will have been seen in an American gallery,” notes Santana.  “His paintings reflect a certain air about Cuba that many Americans don’t get a chance to see and we felt it would be important to share this with the American public.”


The First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta exhibited several of these paintings for a special Lenten Art Exhibit that recently ended.  The enthusiasm created by this exhibit inspired Santana to open a Pop Up art gallery and he hopes to engage Vázquez’s talent with a wider audience in the Atlanta area.


While Vázquez is regarded as an established artist in other parts of the world, his work is relatively new to the United States.  In addition, artwork created from woodblocks are also for sale in the gallery for those who are interested in another facet of his work.


Vázquez Cuba Art Gallery

2900 Peachtree Road, Suite 207

Atlanta, GA 30305

TEL:  305-333-5669