Juan M. Vázquez Iglesias

Juan Manuel VÁZQUEZ Iglesias

Compostela 5912e / Reforma y 4

Fortuna, Matanzas / CUBA



Juan M. Vàzquez Iglesias was born on June 24th 1953 in Cardenas City, Matanzas. He graduated from the National Academy School of Art (Cubanacán) in 1974 with a degree in Fine Arts. He later obtained a degree as an Art Educator from the Pedagogical Institute of Higher Education Juan Marinello in Matanzas, Cuba (1987).

He is a member of the National Association of Cuban Artists (UNEAC). He is also a member of Merit and Co-Founder of ACAA (Cuban Association Artist-Artisans of Cuba.) Since 1975 he has participated in numerous personal National and International exhibitions worldwide in countries like Cuba, Germany, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Brazil Finland, France, Granada, Russia, Sweden, Tanzania, and Venezuela. In 2016, he exhibited for the first time in the U.S (Atlanta, GA).  His primary medium is Acrylic on Canvas, however he creates in various mediums (drawings, woodblock, oil). Vazquez has been active for over 42 years. Vazquez considers himself a hermit, and a man of God. In 2011, an art collector from Germany said: "Vazquez opened himself not only the doors of his home but also his heart and soul."

Among one of the most memorable recognitions Vazquez holds as a Cuban artist is for his work of Saint Francis of Asis in 2003.  Vazquez donated a piece of Saint Francis of Asis and dedicated it to the Parish of Versalles, Matanzas. A year later, this piece was recognized with a Religious Stamp from the Vatican. He also painted a piece in 2003 dedicated to Virgin Mary titled: Mary in Asis, also displayed in Parish of Versailles.

Vázquez paints in his Studio Atelier in Matanzas, Cuba. 

He is very excited to show his work in the United States, and has an upcoming exhibit at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta from February 18th to April 1st, 2018.

Artist’s Websites:

www.vazquez.pl (Europe)


www.vazquezcuba.com (USA)